Our superabsorbent products have a superabsorbent polymer, which absorbs large amounts of fluids. The polymer locks in the fluid, without dripping. In our absorbent products the absorbent material is cellulose fibers. They absorb fluids efficiently but will drip when squeezed.

Put the saturated product in the waste bin and replace it with a new one on the floor. If the fluid is spread over a larger surface, add more products. Our superabsorbent products absorb from any side and can be placed on a wet floor.

When the superabsorbent products absorb fluid, they start to swell, because of the retention effect. The gelification inside makes the mat slippery and if it has swelled, it could also break and leak out the slippery gel on the floor.

We recommend DryMax XL, which absorbs approx. 1,5 liters of any kind of fluids. This is a mat you can stand on while working.

For relevant comparison purposes, our performance data on the product information sheets will give the absorption capacity. For the superabsorbent products, the absorption capacities of tap water and 0.9% NaCl (saline) are different, always with less capacity for saline than tap water. Also, if the fluid contains bodily fluids with proteins, absorption capacity will decrease compared to the saline data provided. For the XL-products, the absorption data is the same regardless of which fluid is absorbed.

For large amounts of fluids, we recommend our superabsorbent products. For smaller amounts of fluids DryMax XL and also Combimat (white part) are suitable. There are no exact guidelines for which model is best suited for a specific procedure. It will be determined by the amount of fluid and the work pattern. Absorbent products and superabsorbent products can also be used in combination.

There are seldom two rooms or layouts being the same and the set up for different procedures – or even different surgeons – varies. Place the pads or the mats in areas where fluid accumulate. Please note that DryMax XL and the Combimat should be placed where the surgeon primarily will be standing, on dry floor and prior to any procedures.

The weight of a used product depends on the absorbed volume. I.e. a DryMax 2.4 having absorbed 3 liters of saline solution will weigh approx. 3 kg. DryMax XL having absorbed 1 liter of water will weigh approx. 1 kg.

The DryMax XL can be cut into desired size. No model of the Superabsorbent products can be cut.

We recommend our products to be incinerated. Combustion forms water and carbon dioxide.

USA – The superabsorbent products retain the fluid in the product and can be placed in non-hazardous waste bin (refer to your local state regulation).

DryMax superabsorbent floor mats are specifically designed for “wet” procedures, since they absorb and retain the fluids. With wet textile towels on the floor there is a high risk for tripping and falling.

Yes, studies made with DryMax superabsorbent products show an efficient absorbent and retaining capacity, even for contaminated fluids. Because the products do not drip, they can be moved hygienically after use and thus contribute to increased infection control. The DryMax products are frequently used all over the world for a cleaner and safer operating room.

It is 0,9% Saline Solution, i.e. 0,9% Sodium Chloride solution.

DryMax Operation Room-products are not made with natural rubber latex.