DryMax XL

DryMax XL is an absorbent, anti-slip mat, developed for standing on and placing stools on. DryMax XL products do not bind liquids to any extent but they are perfect for collecting splashing liquids in OR and examination rooms or under the scrub sink. An anti-slip barrier layer keeps the mat in place and prevents fluids from seeping through. This significantly reduces the risk of slips and falls, and makes cleaning up easier and faster.

For heavy liquid flows, use DryMax XL together with our superabsorbent mat, DryMax 2.4.

Disposable product for single use in operating rooms, examination rooms, sink areas, scrub stations or at central sterilization.

Item name REF Items per unit Product size
Tap water NaCl 0,9%
DryMax XL-100 F22201-100 50 100×75 cm 1.5 l 1.5 l 10 pcs in a plastic bag x 5 = 50 pcs/box
DryMax XL-160 F22201-160 21 160x75 cm 2 l /sqm 2 l /sqm 21 pcs/box
DryMax XL-200 F22201-200 21 200x75 cm 2 l /sqm 2 l /sqm 21 pcs/box
DryMax XL roll F22201-R 1 1×50 m 2 l /sqm 2 l /sqm 1 roll in two layers of plastic bags
DryMax XL roll dispenser HXL201709 1 32x32x127 cm - - -

Absorbs all liquids.