DryMax Comfort

The name says it all. The DryMax Comfort superabsorbent pad efficiently handles leaking fluids in hospital and examination beds, on tables, chairs and in ambulances, providing patients with a drier and more comfortable environment.

As it absorbs and retains fluids without leaking or dripping, DryMax Comfort simplifies the cleaning process and contributes to infection control. The two-sided pad can quickly be replaced, or doubled when needed, with less bed linen changes and patient movements as a result.

Disposable product for single use on beds, on tables and chairs at burn centers and maternity wards, in emergency rooms and ambulances, during gynecology and urology examinations and in operations, e.g. liposuction.

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Item name REF Items per unit Product size (cm)
Tap water NaCl 0,9%
DryMax COMFORT F20261 100 72×37 6 l 2,4 l 25 pcs in a plastic bag x 4 = 100 pcs/box

Absorbs water-based liquids such as saline, urine, amniotic fluids and blood. In the case of liquids containing bodily fluids and proteins, the absorption capacity will decrease compared to the saline data provided.