DryMax 2.4

Despite being only a few millimeters thick, our bestseller DryMax 2.4, absorbs and retains large quantities of fluids, even those containing bacteria. It is quickly and easily placed under the operating or examination table.

Absorbing from both sides, DryMax 2.4 can be placed on already wet floors and also be stacked to increase the absorption capacity. Even when filled, the mat keeps its dry surface and does not drip, making it easy to handle and discard.

DryMax 2.4 swells when fluids are retained, and as the gel on the inside can make the mat slippery, it is not suitable for standing on. For anti-slip mats, see DryMax XL and DryMax Combimat.

Disposable product for single use in operating rooms, examination rooms (e.g. arthroscopies, gynecology, urology), emergency rooms and ambulances, body bags etc.

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Item name REF Items per unit Product size (cm)
Tap water NaCl 0,9%
DryMax 2.4 F20241 100 72×37 9 l 3,5 l 25 pcs in a plastic bag x 4 = 100 pcs/box
DryMax 2.4 bulk F20241-B 100 72×37 9 l 3,5 l 100 pcs/box

Absorbs water-based liquids such as saline, urine, amniotic fluids and blood. In the case of liquids containing bodily fluids and proteins, the absorption capacity will decrease compared to the saline data provided.