Drier, safer and more hygienic

How it works

DryMax Operation superabsorbent products have an outer layer that vertically and evenly distributes the fluids into a superabsorbent core. The mats and pads expand from the liquid, but the surface is kept dry, making handling, changing and disposal comfortable and easy. By locking in fluids – including contaminated parts – without dripping, DryMax Operation also contributes to infection control and safety.

Where it works

The ultra-thin, light and conformable material makes DryMax suitable for any situation that requires hygienic and quick management of fluids. Our products are used in operating rooms, maternity wards, emergency rooms and ambulances, but also at burn centers, in examination rooms for gynecologists and urologists, and other medical services, providing a safer and more pleasant working environment for doctors and nurses.

Why it works

DryMax superabsorbent products are based on advanced contemporary technology, and developed by Absorbest, through years of clinical experience. We set high standards for ourselves and our products. They meet the environmental, hygiene and functional requirements of regulatory and health authorities world-wide. Our products for the operating room are manufactured in a modern facility in a controlled environment with a high standard of cleanliness.

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